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a Guideline Publications magazine
A brand new magazine concept that we are very excited about.
Published by Guideline Publications in co-operation with IBG of Poland.
IBG is a major player in the plastic modelling world both as an importer and dealer and as a manufacturer of high quality injection moulded kits under their own brand.
World at War brings together expert knowledge and injection moulding technology to give you the ultimate kit and reference collection combined.

Yes, it's a kit, but it's also a magazine. The sixteen pages of each issue will include not only the instructions for the kit itself but also a comprehensive profile of the vehicle depicted with details on its history and development, its service use, and the equipment fit that makes it unique, as well as profiles of some of the military commanders under whom it was used.
This is not one of those skin-deep generic part series that glosses over those minor matters that make all the difference - The World at War is designed by modellers for modellers and recognises what it is that real enthusiasts are looking for in a kit.
Guideline is proud to be a part of this venture.
The magazine will focus on German Military equipment moving forward and building into both an excellent reference library and a fine collection of models in 1/72. With ten issues, and ten unique and high quality kits, a year and a very competitive subscriber's offer The World at War is a publication you cannot afford to be without.

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